Adding your Lightroom Presets to Lightroom Mobile

Ever want to quickly add a photo to your Instagram feed on the go, but don’t have a quick way to edit using your preset? I had no clue how people were doing this, and figured it out after playing around a bit and researching, and thought I would share!

Quick step by step (sorry, no images:))

Go into lightroom and save the preset you want to use in Lightroom Mobile

  1. Right click your preset and select “show in finder”

  2. This should bring you to where your preset is saved.  I suggest making a copy of it (right click and select copy), then go to your desktop or an easy to find folder, and paste.

    1. *one other suggestion, I typically save the presets I have created, or ones that I have purchased and want in multiple spots on a drive.  You can select as many as you want and copy/paste them to safe locations in case something were ever to happen to your computer or lightroom.

  3. Now that you have your preset saved in an easy to find spot - Open or Download if needed Lightroom CC - the mobile version of lightroom.

  4. Once in lightroom CC - on the bottom right hand corner there is a button called “PRESETS” - this should open a column where presets are.  In the top right hand corner of that column there are three dots - click on those, and select “Import Presets” (you can also choose to manage presets later - and deselect ones you don’t want in view anymore).

  5. From the Import Preset button, you are able to open your desktop (or whereever you saved your preset and import it.

  6. Your preset should be in the user presets, you can right click and “move to group” and move to another group.

  7. Open Lightroom CC on your phone.  Ensure you are on Wi-fi, and select the cloud in the top right hand corner, to synch your phone with your computer.

Import a photo into lightroom CC (photo+ sign on bottom right), scroll all the way to the right, select presets, and your preset should be there on the list.

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