Ginny and Nate sent me a note last fall, on a Tuesday, asking if I was available for a spur of the moment courthouse wedding….the answer was OF COURSE, how could I miss it! Then this summer, they wanted to bring their family and friends (and Corgi Vito - the cutest pup ever) together to celebrate at their favorite neighborhood brewery Venn Brewing. It was the PERFECT spot for these two, with corgi artwork literally on the wall. A few weeks before I had sent Ginny a note saying we needed to find a fun mural wall for some pics, and she sent me a photo the most epic wedding mural wall ever right outside of Peace Coffee.

They named all of the beers after all their favorite things (including GOT and Corgi’s obviously), and made this day absolutely their own. Instead of cutting the cake, we went outside and had Turbo Taco truck,:) . It was such an amazing night, it was such an honor to capture.