Another fun family session:) When we first started discussing this session, there was a bit of nervousness due to these boys being, well, boys. But as a family photographer, it is all about knowing kids, and lucky for me, I have one of my own that has taught me how they think:)

A few things we did that helped make this an AMAZING session.

1.) Location - we did this where the Max and Oliver are the most comfortable - at their house, where we could play with the tennis racket, we could see their rooms, they could show me where they found a mouse. For kids that might be nervous or shy - its always good to have familiar things they can show new people.

2.) We took our time, we don’t need the “all smiling” photo the minute I walk in. In fact, usually the first 15min of a family session there aren’t all that many “keepers” and that is OK!!! It is weird having a camera pointed at your face, and I know that, let’s all just get comfortable.

3.) let them be kids and PLAY:) Just have fun, play, if they aren’t listening, it is ok, just change the game or subject, get their attention a different way.

4.) Just let go, know that the goal is getting photos of you being you, they don’t all have to be perfect smiles.

We got a mix of everything, and by the end, we were taking pics of mom and dad together;)

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