Non traditional family sessions are my favorite. Pick an activity that is meaningful to your family - something you LOVE to do. It could be going to brunch on Sunday mornings, it could be running around with sprinklers in the backyard, or in the Sexe Family’s case - launching your kids as high as the second story of your house in the pool. Anna first contacted me and said she had an idea about a family shoot and was wondering what I thought. The phone on her camera wasn’t cutting it for capturing the epic height or reactions on her kiddo’s faces anymore, and she was nervous as they got bigger, that the height will start to decrease. While that may be true, I have a feeling with these kiddos they will be jumping and flipping into that pool for MANY years to come. We started with 15 min of family photos outside of there house, with a quick change while we grabbed a few more of sweet little Aspen, and we were launching. SO FUN!!!

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