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Creekside Farms

Rosalyn and Eric

I had the opportunity this July to shoot alongside my wedding photography mentor - Ali Leigh for my second wedding EVER as a photographer. It’s a bit crazy to think of now having shot so many weddings this fall, but it was such an incredible experience, and such an amazing couple, family and wedding to learn from Ali.

My goal of the day was really to watch and learn, as a few questions, but really just observe and take it all in. Ali has so many years of experience and is such an amazing photographer, that so much of what she does is just natural or second nature, so watching and understanding how and what she is thinking through is so interesting for someone like me who is just learning.

Going into this year, my goal was to learn and prepare myself as much as possible for the upcoming weddings I was going to second shoot as well as the ones I was going to photograph myself.

Rosalyn and Eric were gracious enough to let me tag along with Ali and her second shooter to their day. I was able to shoot and share the photos - also so amazing, and gave them to Ali to use any she wanted for the gallery she puts together for them. (just in case I captured a small moment when bigger moments were happening;)). The wedding was a Creekside Farms - in Rush Creek, MN. It incredible to stay in one location for the day - to learn how to use that location in different ways. It was an outdoor ceremony, with some strong sun, but was filled with emotion. It was amazing to see them celebrate with their family and friends immediately following the ceremony. The reception was incredible, with Pristine Florals doing such an amazing job with the florals and all of the vendors doing such an incredible job. The night ended with a sparkler exit - something I was really excited to capture for my first time:). Here are a few of my favorite photos from the day:)