about me


Hi - I'm Kelly, and I am so glad you found me;)  I am photographer in Minneapolis | St. Paul, Minnesota.

A little about me;). So for over 10 years I have had a career that I love at my favorite retailer...Target.  After years of buying different apparel categories I am now in the fun world of women's swimsuits. 

Photography began as something on my bucket list (to finally learn how to use that camera that had been laying around my house) and transitioned into something I absolutely love to do.   I love capturing the moments of crazy - kids screaming, funny faces and silly games.  Photos that you can look back on and catch yourself smiling....because it feels like you are right there again.

So some fun facts about me.   I am just a little obsessed with the olympics and might own and wear an excessive amount of olympic apparel. (and maybe have from time to time been asked by airport security if I was an olympian due to this being my go-to outfit for airplanes:)). I know how to ride a unicycle (even the really tall ones).  I am a super taster (look it up, its a thing). And I love bar trivia and beer.  thats it for now - we can exchange other fun facts in person.



Flea, Beans(favorite) and chopper.


hi friends!

this is me, my husband chris and our 4 yr old trouble maker quinn.

Kelly Russo is a photographer in mn - located in Minneapolis | St Paul area focusing on family photography, portrait photography, and wedding photography.